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Meet Our Departments
  • Dealership Contacts (702) 545-6839
    • General Manager
      Phone : 702-982-4000
      Jamaal McCoy
      General Manager
      Phone : 702-982-4000

      A former military "brat", I have great respect for our Military and their families. I am married with a daughter, played Arena Football and am dedicated to making customers part of the Findlay Chevrolet family.

    • Sales Director
      Phone : 702-982-4000
      Melisa Eichbauer
      Sales Director
      Phone : 702-982-4000

      Nine years with the Findlay Group, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three nephews. I enjoy cooking and entertaining for friends and family. I find it very rewarding when I am able to solve problems for customers.

    • Jeff Neel Photo
      Jeff Neel
      Used Car Sales Manager
    • George Herold Photo
      George Herold
      New Car Sales Manager
    • Gill Bouganim Photo
      Gill Bouganim
      Sales Manager
    • Mike Eriksen Photo
      Mike Eriksen
      Sales Manager
    • Mike Arthur Photo
      Mike Arthur
      Sales Manager
    • BDC Manager
      Mark Rolands
      BDC Manager

      I am super excited to be part of a cutting edge and caring company. I am a farm kid and love everything about small town life. The longer I l have lived in Las Vegas the more it feels like a small town. I am a big fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Family is very important to me and I am happy to have my Findlay family as well as my Rolands? family. I can be caught using the term ?uff da? frequently and you can thank my grandma for instilling that. I tell people back home that ?I haven?t had to shovel sunshine and do not miss the snow!? I am also a big supporter of the Living Donor program for people in need of organ transplants. I was lucky enough to donate to a good friend myself. I am happy to be part of such a caring an generous organization. Call or email me anytime, I love to meet new people!

    • Missy Lindamood Photo
      Missy Lindamood
      Business Office Manager
    • Amanda Strate Photo
      Amanda Strate
      Executive Assistant
    • Jen Dean Photo
      Jen Dean
    • Lori Holmes-Kendrick Photo
      Lori Holmes-Kendrick
      Title Clerk
    • Hannah Shepard Photo
      Hannah Shepard
    • Tiffany Bossman Photo
      Tiffany Bossman
      File Clerk
    • Cammae Klaumender Photo
      Cammae Klaumender
    • Tania Schmidt Photo
      Tania Schmidt
    • Mike Chance Photo
      Mike Chance
      Vehicle Delivery & Marketing Manager
    • Kat Chance Photo
      Kat Chance
      Customer Loyalty Manager
    • Ernie Cardenas Photo
      Ernie Cardenas
      Vehicle Del. Specialist
    • Celeste Berner Photo
      Celeste Berner
      Marketing Technologist
    • Reuben Banks Photo
      Reuben Banks
      Community Liaison
    • Cheryl Henry Photo
      Cheryl Henry
      BDC Representative
    • Destiny Money Photo
      Destiny Money
      BDC Rep
    • Tina Gittus Photo
      Tina Gittus
      BDC Rep
    • Derric Robinson Photo
      Derric Robinson
      BDC Rep
    • BDC Rep
      Patricia Sanchez
      BDC Rep

      Speaks Spanish

    • Cristal  Landeros Photo
      Cristal  Landeros
      Sales Assistant
    • Mike Sink Photo
      Mike Sink
      Internet Director
    • Internet Director
      Matt Masluk
      Internet Director

      Matt is dedicated to making your car buying experience fantastic. Married, with 2 daughters, Matt enjoys being outdoors, especially golfing, and spending time with his family.

    • Internet Manager
      Max Eichbauer
      Internet Manager

      Former USAF member and UNLV College of Business Graduate. Enjoys finding solutions for customers and enjoying his wife's home cooking, when he's off.

    • Newell Olmstead Photo
      Newell Olmstead
      Internet Manager
    • Daniel Lundberg Photo
      Daniel Lundberg
      Internet Manager
    • Peter Kinum Photo
      Peter Kinum
      Internet Sales Manager
    • DJ  Burman Photo
      DJ  Burman
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Mike McNulty Photo
      Mike McNulty
      Internet Manager
    • Bryan Drewes Photo
      Bryan Drewes
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Ron Cardenas Photo
      Ron Cardenas
    • Noel Rodriquez Photo
      Noel Rodriquez
  • New (702) 545-6839
  • Service (702) 430-1245
    • Tony Smith Photo
      Tony Smith
      Fixed Operations Director
    • Scott Nordberg Photo
      Scott Nordberg
      Service Manager
    • Nick Manning Photo
      Nick Manning
      Assist. Service Manager
    • Bruce Mayer Photo
      Bruce Mayer
      Service Shop Foreman
    • TJ Neil Photo
      TJ Neil
      Lot Supervisor
    • Tiffany Anderson Photo
      Tiffany Anderson
      Service Booking
    • Lana Garceau Photo
      Lana Garceau
      Customer Service Rep.
    • CJ Walker Photo
      CJ Walker
      Customer Service Rep.
    • Alberto Mendoza Photo
      Alberto Mendoza
      Sales Valet
    • Heather Bobenhausen Photo
      Heather Bobenhausen
      Service Advisor
    • Wayne Smith Photo
      Wayne Smith
      Service Advisor
    • Don Pagel Photo
      Don Pagel
      Service Advisor
    • Billy Chang Photo
      Billy Chang
      Service Advisor
    • Slim Stevens Photo
      Slim Stevens
      Service Advisor
    • Sebastian Matrisciano Photo
      Sebastian Matrisciano
      Service Advisor
    • Carlos Aquino Photo
      Carlos Aquino
      Service Advisor
    • Marsha Wilburn Photo
      Marsha Wilburn
      Quick Lube Cashier
    • Nick Lautenbach Photo
      Nick Lautenbach
      Quick Lube
    • Mckensy Long Photo
      Mckensy Long
      Quick Lube
    • Jason Dawson Photo
      Jason Dawson
    • David Schultz Photo
      David Schultz
    • Albert Rodriguez Photo
      Albert Rodriguez
    • Robert Lynch Photo
      Robert Lynch
    • Keith Bush Photo
      Keith Bush
    • David Rowley Photo
      David Rowley
    • Jeff Kieger Photo
      Jeff Kieger
    • Justin Luke Photo
      Justin Luke
    • Mike Roe Photo
      Mike Roe
    • Jon Steinzor Photo
      Jon Steinzor
    • Chet Lowe Photo
      Chet Lowe
    • Byron Griffith Photo
      Byron Griffith
    • Chuck Sewell Photo
      Chuck Sewell
    • Julius Riglioni Photo
      Julius Riglioni
      Porter/Detail Manager
    • Justin Brinegar Photo
      Justin Brinegar
      Lead Porter
    • Andrew Aguinaga Photo
      Andrew Aguinaga
    • Terry Rabb Photo
      Terry Rabb
    • Celio Hernandez Photo
      Celio Hernandez
    • Eli Rodriguez Photo
      Eli Rodriguez
      Porter/Shuttle Driver
    • Tom Klaumenzer Photo
      Tom Klaumenzer
      Shuttle Driver
    • Todd Nixon Photo
      Todd Nixon
      Safety & Facility Dir
    • Kesha  McMahon Photo
      Kesha  McMahon
      Service Writer
  • Parts (702) 982-4400
    • Joe Simon Photo
      Joe Simon
      Parts Dept. Manager
    • Brad Crewes Photo
      Brad Crewes
      Parts Dept. Assist Manager
    • Javier Zuviri Photo
      Javier Zuviri
      Parts Consultant
    • Dave Anderson Photo
      Dave Anderson
      Parts Consultant
    • Phillip Horner Photo
      Phillip Horner
      Parts Outside Sales
    • Jessie Phillips Photo
      Jessie Phillips
      Wholesale Parts
    • Wendy Waites Photo
      Wendy Waites
    • Jason Baria Photo
      Jason Baria
    • Jim Thompson Photo
      Jim Thompson
      Parts counter
    • Bill Dunne Photo
      Bill Dunne
      Parts counter
    • Paul Schroeder Photo
      Paul Schroeder
      Back Counter
    • Paul Thiele Photo
      Paul Thiele
    • Billie Warner Photo
      Billie Warner
      Warranty Admin.
  • Finance (702) 545-6839
    • Diane Bolden Photo
      Diane Bolden
      Finance Director
    • Chrissy Noble Photo
      Chrissy Noble
      Finance Coordinator
    • Marcos Pelaez Photo
      Marcos Pelaez
      Business Manager
    • Geoff Reeves Photo
      Geoff Reeves
      Business Manager
    • George Anandrade Photo
      George Anandrade
      Business Manager
    • JR Dillon Photo
      JR Dillon
      Business Manager